Igbomina Groups Issue Joint Press Release On Offa Robbery Attack

Members of Igbomina Community North America and Igbomina Descendants Association in the United Kingdom in a joint press release sympathize with his Royal Highness, Olofa of Offa, Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi Esuwoye II, the people of Offa and the neighboring communities on the bloody bank robbery that happen on April 5th, 2018.

Offa bank robbery attack claimed 30 lives. According to the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State Command, 9 police officers were killed in the attack as the robbery lasted for one hour in four commercial banks at Offa local government area of Kwara State, Nigeria. 12 suspects are currently being interrogated by Police operatives in Kwara State in regard to the robbery.

The joint press release signed by ICNA president, Chief Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi and IDA president, Dr. Omotayo Oladosu-Kash, also expresses concern on Kwara State under threat of armed violence. They call on the state government to make appropriate provisions that will guarantee social orders and security in the state, especially as the 2019 elections approach.

Below is the full text of the joint press release:

We, the Igbomina in Diaspora under the aegis of Igbomina Community, North America (ICNA) and Igbomina Descendants Association, UK (IDA, UK) commiserate with our Royal Father The Olofa of Offa, HRH Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi Esuwoye II and the great people of the City of Offa and the members of the neighboring communities on the tragic robbery and massacre that befell its citizens on April 5th, 2018. As it was with many who witnessed it or heard about it, we were not only shocked, we were struck with the gravity, magnitude, and the barbaric way in which these robbery criminals carried out their heinous crime.

We are also all aware of the egregiously mishandled security problems facing our people in Kwara State every day, especially with lack of provisions of essential facilities, not enough police personnel to oversee the safety and securities of our people and their properties, broken promises, a very high youth unemployment, and the inequities in the dispensation of public funds, all of which culminated in the breakdown of social orders and the sad event that took place in the City of Offa.

Kwara State, supposedly known for its harmony, tranquility and serenity, has been betrayed by its constant skirmishes among the people due to poverty caused by improper planning by our government and its inept assistance for the people. Our members have been left bewildered by this unforgettable tragedy, therefore we are calling on the Kwara State government and every constituted authority involved to bring the full weight of justice down on the perpetrators of this crime to prosecute all involved to the full extent of the law.

The people in our government must be aware that Igbomina in diaspora will never let go of the concerns about the security challenges facing our people at home until all such security challenges have been addressed. We are hereby challenging our State Governor Dr. Abdulfattah Ahmed together with all State personnel to do all necessary to improve the securities and its associated problems, which are facing the people of our State and are at the heart of this egregious crime.

The State government must address its imbalanced protection strategies that have left many areas of Kwara South vulnerable to various violent skirmishes over lands disputes or robbery attacks while lacking speedy police response. These inadequacies have left many vibrant areas like Offa, Oro, Omu-Aran, and other provincial axis prone to good economic desolations because their banks have become easy targets for organized criminals.

As the 2019 elections approach, we hope that the Kwara government will be prepared as the propensities for violent eruptions can increase greatly.

To our people of the City of Offa, and Kwara State in general who had lost loved ones to violence and who were adversely affected by this cowardly act, we, the Igbomina in diaspora members pray with you for God Almighty to give us all solace and the fortitude to bear the pain and the great loss.

Our hearts shall remain with you.

Chief Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi

Dr. Omotayo Oladosu-Kash

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