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Abdulfatah Ahmed Is A Wasted Slot - Kwara PDP Chairman

The Kwara State Chairman of the People's Democratic Party, Chief Iyiola Oyedepo, yesterday said he is one of those that should be held responsible for the political misdirection in Kwara State.

Akogun while delivering his lecture during a one day political summit organised by Aro-Meta Association questioned why the Senate President, Bukola Saraki would be the sole administrator of the state deciding who to represent the people of Kwara south, even when the district had always been in the frontline of Nigeria politics since the pre-independence days.

He further emphasis that this has caused a major setback to the development of Kwara south compared to what they used to have in the back.

"Some of us, of which i am one, should be held responsible for this political misdirection"

"Secondly, there were those that were with the present political oligarchy out of curiosity or mistaken belief that political skills and knowledge can there be acquired. They saw the place as an alternative place of learning the art of politics. In this category unfound myself. The story of how i got there and got out is outside the purview of this discourse. But the very time i got there and discovered that it was not a place of any robust debate, a place of sharing ideas about the true development of Kwara State by meeting the real need of our people; it was not a place of merit appointments, unless you as a man of merit is destined for such appointments: I started looking for an exit from a place permanently hooked on killing dreams and glorious future. While i was there however, i rebelled against the system to fight for the interest of my people."

"What evidence of our son that hates us do you need other than the powerless governor that we must have to endure for eight years? This is an evidence of a wasted slot in a political convention of rotational governorship"

The other lecturer, Professor Ejalonigun Ebenezer, observed that since 1999 till date, the same lineage, and set of people, continue to paddle the affairs of the state and decide for her people.

He described the incessant robbery attacks in Kwara South as undoubtedly an evidence of lack of proper security.

"It is not a very good excuse that a representative neglect the interest of his people and defend that of his Godfather, and always comes home to complain about the Godfather collecting money meant for the development of his people from him. Where is that done?" questioned Ejalonigun.

He however appealed to the people of Kwara South not to sell their votes and urged them to stand united and work cooperatively to defeat external forces in the forthcoming elections.

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