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PROTEST: Save Us From Omodara, Oja-Tuntun Marketers And Workers Cry's Out

Not too long we got this write up from a concerned citizen and the write up is about the recent uprising from the workers and marketers in Oja-Tuntun market of Ilorin West Local Government, Kwara state.

"When Gbmisola Adeoti wrote his poem ‘Ambush’, one would think he had our dear local government in mind.

The land that was personified is a metaphor of those leaders in our present days whose policies, measures, and actions as stated by Nwachukwu-Agbada (2014), wittingly and unwittingly, constitute obstacles to the realization of the dreams and hopes of the commoners. If not so, what could have warranted the attempt of our local government to turn our garage in OJA-TUNTUN to their own personal interest against the will of the people?

What could have birthed the imposition of FORMER UNION against the consensus of people when we did not complain that we are fed up with our present competent and responsible union?

The policies formulated and actions taken by this current administration under leadership of the current chairperson in Ilorin West ALHAJA OMODARA seem to be a giant whale, a sabre-toothed tiger and a giant hawk whose inactions seemingly abuse the power, ambush the file and cast unending disasters, tribulations and harsh realities and more frustrating experiences on our lives in OjA-TUNTUN. We declare ‘Enough of these downturns on our economy and survival’.

Imposing some leaders whose mischievous acts had once destabilized the masses in the market in the past is like frustrating and preying on our survival. When last did we stop suffering from starvation due to unpaid salaries that affects both the pens and the goods? We exercised patience as we hoped to escape from the baynets of tribulation.

Our silence is taken for granted to suppress and oppress the masses in the state of harmony at large and in ILORIN WEST LOCAL GOVERNMENT in particular.

Our demonstration in protest to ILORIN WEST LOCAL GOVERNMENT and some other areas against the autocracy of the local government and its suppression and oppression over the masses is not to subvert the harmonious coexistence of the marketers and other workers in the market but to expose the calamities we have been undergoing for long and also to appeal to the concerned bodies such as Kwara State Government to come to our rescue in OJA-TUNTUN IN ILORIN WEST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA.

Please, implore all the good citizens to SAVE THE AMBUSHED COMMONERS before it is too late!- By The Concerned Citizen."

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