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Should We Undo Everything Done By The 8th Assembly Because They Were Part Of Saraki Dynasty? - Dr. Lateef Alagbonsi

Dear Politically-biased Kwaran,

There is no harm for Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to return FOI Bill to the 9th KWHA if there are good reason(s) to do so.

That is within his power to do, and no one will fault that.

No one expects that he MUST sign.... It's either he assents or declines... Only him knows what he will eventually decide.

If he returns it to 9th Assembly, ENetSuD will lobby them the way we did for the 8th Assembly.. Life goes on. No problem!

But returning it because it was "hurriedly" passed by the 8th Assembly (rather than citing problem noticed in the content) is not a logical reason, Sir.

All the people saying the Bill should be returned have not brought out any fault from the content, which is the ideal thing to do.

Many have not even read the Bill, but suggesting return to assembly on political ground.

I just wonder why politics should take us here (a situation whereby we don't judge based on content but on political bias).

I keep asking, should we undo everything done by the 8th Assembly because they were part of Saraki dynasty?

Should we scrap Kwara Health Insurance Agency because the last Assembly (and Governor) established it?

Should we do same for Kwara Internal Revenue Service?

Just to mention a few.

Who is contesting the power of 8th KWHA to legislate till the end of their tenure??

Did they legislate in error?

Can any administrative process that produced the FOI Bill be queried?

Did the Bill passage underwent due process or not?

Is it a crime to speedily pass a Bill?

Were the Assembly not paid salary after loosing election?

If they received salary and allowances from taxpayers money, why would they not legislate (the only reason we are paying them from our taxes)

Should we condemn their action because we felt we don't like them?

All these really show that we are not ready for true democracy.

We are still joking 🤷‍♂

Assalam Alaikum wa rahmatuLah!

Dr. Lateef Alagbonsi (President ENetSuD) submission on FOI Bill.

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