KWHA Majority Leader: ILORIN WEST, NOT AGAIN!!! - Akanfe Adeyemi

Kwara State House of Assembly 

The first set of appointments by the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Alh. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq received applauses from many quarters and adjudged to be largely fair in pursuance of his governance of unity and inclusion. By zoning the SSG to the North, CPS to the South and CoS to the Central, the composition working organ of the Executive is perceived to be balanced.

The same sharing and distribution of principal positions of the state legislative arm is highly expected and campaigned for by concerned individuals in the State.
As a result, the Kwara State APC and the Governor, harmoniously Zone the Speakership and Deputy Speakership positions to Kwara North and South respectively while the majority leadership slot was zoned to Kwara Central.

It is utterly abysmal perhaps politically nonsensical to imagine that Ilorin West, should jostle to occupy the position. The present power sharing in the Kwara Central is not balanced. Out of four local government areas in the Zone, Ilorin West holds Governorship, Senatorial, and Chief of Staff positions while ASA and Ilorin East share the two House of Representatives slots as Ilorin South is abandoned with nothing in the present power distribution.

This does not require any mathematical logic to perceive the injustice of the West against the other three Local Government Areas of the Kwara Central.

In fact that Ilorin West aimed or attempts to aim  for the position of the House Leader in the current 9th Assembly may be considered an affront to the tenets of fairness, justice and the spirit of equity that the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq government promised the kwarans. Even the rejected regimes of Sarakites never summersaulted this way.

Let the Governor and the Party leadership at the zone be informed that Ilorin West only was not capable of winning the election without the sacrifice of other local government.

Let all the power mongers of the West be realistic for once, and let others live democratically as expected of an egalitarian society like ours in the interest of smooth and successful governance of change.

No to Ilorin West again as the Majority Leader of the Kwara State 9th Assembly.

Akanfe Adeyemi
Concerned Citizen,
From Ilorin.

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