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Radio Presenter Accuse APC KWHA Candidate, Aide Of Intellectual Property Theft

In a letter to Kwara Reporters, a pidgin presenter on Al-Barka Fm, Ancient Priest, has lamented how one Mr Abdulafeez, a P.A  to Kwara state House of Assembly's candidate for Ajikobi Constituency under APC, Hon. Abdulgafar Ayilara, has proceeded to unauthorizely use his jingles few hours after being released to him.

According to the presenter, when his chats with Mr Abdulafeez's boss yielded no positive result, he decided to start calling them out on radio station every time he come on air, so that kwarans would understand that he have been cheated since his contents were used without his prior knowledge and consent.

Below is the detail of the letter as addressed to this medium.


I ANCIENT PRIEST, a pidgin presenter with ALBARKA 89.9fm wish to bring to your notice, a complaint on one Mr Abdulafeez, the P.A to the house of assembly candidate for Ajikobi constituency under APC Hon. Abdulgafar Ayilara.

I contacted the said Mr Abdulafeez on the 5th of Nov. to see if I could do pidgin jingles for both Hon Abdulgafar and Alhaji Abdulrazaq abdulrahman, the governorship candidate under APC.

Mr Abdulafeez asked me to send samples of my jingle to him so he can help me present it to their principals. I made him promise me it won't be used until after they meet with me and discuss mode of payment and way forward which he agreed.

So based on trust, I sent the two jingles to him on the 7th of Nov. Not upto three hours later, I noticed my jingles are already being used. Not just being used but graphic works have been put on it and it's already in circulation in various platforms.

I immediately called the attention of the said Mr Abdulafeez and he promised me that he will make me and his principal meet. He pleaded with me to wait till after the just concluded Bye-elections which I agreed. But to my dismay, he didn't discuss or chat with me again about it.

I tried to get the whatsapp digit for his principal Mr Abdulgafar ayilara and I chatted with him to let him know the situation of things. To my surprise, the only word he said was 'Waow' and that was the last; after all my explanations to him. I waited for some days and tried calling him but he didn't call neither did he return my call till date.

I have decided to start calling them out on radio station every time I anchor my programs so the whole kwara state will understand that I've been cheated since something from my hard work is being used without me being appreciated.

But I've decided to use this medium as my last resort so if I still don't hear from them, I'll have no choice than to call them out on air always explaining this to all kwara state.

 I have been calm because I love the party a lot and intend to work for the APC. But with this action, I don't know what to think anymore. All I want now is for them to appreciate my efforts and pay me for the jingles they are using already now.

Attached to this are proves of my chats with them...



The following are the attached documents use as prove;

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