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The Plot To Take Kwara Back To Saraki Unravel By Abdullahi Abdullateef

It has come to many of us by surprise the purported kangaroo hugwashing stepdown of some of the aspirants in APC this night in there bid to giving a chance for one of the saraki planted moles to emerge a candidate in APC again.

The game planned of this same political hegemony of the sarakites in PDP in 2015 is still fresh in our memories even when Kwarans will never forgive those political suicidal politicians that their conspiracy led to emergence of Senator Suleiman Ajibola in 2015.

The game has started again as tomorrow is the governorship primaries in Kwara state and the permutations that capsized the boat of Kwara legendary political freedom in 2015 has started again.

Watch out as the permutations continue to be unveiled like a dreaming drama, more like a pranks in the tales by moonlight.

It is expected that more of the aspirants in this cacophonous team are expected to step down before the primaries start by Saturday.

The major actors in the current conspiracy and plot to return kwara back to Saraki include Muina Shagaya, Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq, Prof. Abubakar Suleiman and Dele Belgore (SAN).

The conspiracy theory against the interest of kwarans in 2014 is still fresh in people's memory. The plot on how Saraki intimated Muina Shagaya, Dele Belgore and Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq to install Prof. Abubakar Suleiman as the minister against the people's choice, Yinka Aluko.

The same set of people also worked hard to stop Yinka Aluko after the PDP primaries the produced Aluko in 2015. Aluko eventually left the ticket for Deputy governor position while Abdulrahaman gave Bukola Saraki a free ride to senate.

Iyiola Akogun and some other leaders of the party then were deceived by this same Muinat Shagaya to play vital roles in the plots but Iyiola and others came to realise their plots and backed out.

What a political permutations and game plans at the expends of Kwara and Kwarans ! 

The latest plots was perfected by Muinat Shagaya and Bukola saraki again.

The game for the gubernatorial primaries come Saturday is for Dele Belgore and Yahaya Seriki to step down for Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq a man without structure; they were instructed to do and cowardice job so they will give room for a play to play elections come 2019; all in the bid to get Saraki hegemony continue.

Two other aspirants that were involved in the plots would either step down officially or strategically any moment from now .

I hope we all remember that Dele Belgore also made himself available to betray the people of Ilorin west after the supports he enjoyed from them in 2011. The information has it that, Belgore strategically worked against Oloriegbe senatorial ambition to create viable ground for Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq who is also a serial contender with Bukola Saraki.

Dele Belgore is a serial betrayal of trust and he so much believes in cabal than the people; reasons why he betrayed the people and his party (PDP) in 2015 when he failed to distribute the huge cash dole out to him by GEJ for party purpose.

Sequel to the hatching of this game plan , the attention of the APC as been called to this game plan; but the party pretend not to know anything hopefully for not wanting to hurt any of the aspirants and their follower

But the party must know that the party APC struggle is far more than a jamboree political platform , the party is a movement and every reasonable Kwaran today only see the party as the pivotal leverage to gaining the much awaited freedom.

If APC must succeed in Kwara , they must be ready to sacrifice for the people and the only sacrifice is for the party to produce the best candidate for Kwarans .

A candidate devoid of stained historical past, a candidate who is widely accepted and a candidate that can not be traced to the much destructive saraki hegemony.

Kwarans should wake up now

The fight for the soul of our state is now or never.


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