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Our Relationship With The Masses Is Symbiotic - Kwara APC

Says, gains of the visit to the president will manifest soon

The formation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) few years back was made possible by the vast majority of Nigerians that were yearning for positive change in the polity.

We enjoy the confidence and support of people from different backgrounds, particularly the masses that voted en mass for us during the 2015 elections which benefitted many including those who sought asylum in the party.

The wider acceptability the party enjoys amongst all and sundry was not only the saving grace for those that would have ordinarily been rejected by the electorates but the straw they held unto, when they would have been consumed.

It is on this premise, that we have weathered all manners of challenges within the short time of our existence without losing face with our friends - Nigerian masses.

Our case in Kwara State is a good example - after the ouster of a bloc that had hitherto held sway in the state cum party, we had the daunting task of reorganizing the party, conduct fresh registration, nomination process and hold party primaries. We opted for the most sophisticated of all modes of primary as recognized by our party constitution.

We confronted the challenges headlong not without bruises, anyways. While focusing on the ball, we believe that the pains can not be forever.

Our strength has always come from the good people of the State who are not only wishing us well but keep following our activities thereby offering invaluable counsels now and then.

We have held no fewer than four important party activities that would have taken a period of four years to achieve. For example, membership registration that have been done elsewhere about four years ago was done here in less than a week and almost immediately we entered the next phase of assignment as a party. The membership registration was actually preceded by another rigorous exercise; the choice of party executives at the ward, local government and state levels.

However, we are grateful to party members for displaying high level of commitment, dedication and readiness to make our political liberation struggle in Kwara State, a done deal.

We need to remind ourselves that, what brings us together is stronger than what seeks to divide us. We want to assure you, that in all; lessons have been learnt, therefore, we have the opportunity of improving on our dealings in the coming days.

Suffice to add that, gold enters and wriggles in the furnace, only to come out brighter, finer and better. We shall continue to accord our party leaders, members of the executive council at all levels and the teeming supporters their place of pride in the scheme of things.

We have a duty to appreciate our aspirants for all offices whose efforts put more life into the party. You moved round the state, propagating the ideals of our party. You committed your hard earned resources to the process. We don't have enough words to appreciate you.

We are grateful to the father of the party, President Muhammadu Buhari for finding time out to meet with our Governorship aspirants and stakeholders in the party from Kwara State.

We want to assure our members and the good people of Kwara State that, the gains of our visit to the President at the instance of the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed will manifest soon.

The stability role played by the National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in the whole process is highly appreciated.

Meanwhile, the absorption of our own, Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu into the National Working Committee (NWC) of our party as the National Publicity Secretary, must be celebrated. We now have a face in the national secretariat and capable hand in the NWC.

We must also congratulate our Governorship candidate, Alhaji Abdulraham Abdulrasaq on his emergence and other candidates of the party. They must continue to bear in mind that, they have been pushed forward to help in ending ma-ladministration, incompetency and high handedness in the corridors of power.

The time to end misrule that bred impunity in our dear state is now. We can assure our members, supporters and good people of Kwara State that every aggrieved person or member will be reached in the coming days, so as to present a united front that will dislodge the pretenders in government.

We will continue to rely on the support, counsels and prayers of our  members, supporters and the good people of Kwara State as we walk into 2019 to elect true representatives for our people.

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