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Perhaps one lesson of the past sixteen (16) years of democratic governance is that in spite of the fact that we are still grappling with a number of challenges, we have made some progress as a nation.

Accordingly, in spite of the glaring enthronement of individual aggrandizement, neglect of the poor and other vulnerable groups in the country, neglect at the local level, abuse of human rights, disrespect for the rule of law and marginalization of youths and younger people in politics which negate futuristic developmental plans, we are not yet a failure in the school of democratic governance.

However, the world beckons on us to drive ourselves more intensely for the attainment of the lofty vision of our founding fathers of a great nation that will serve as a beacon of light to the world.

We therefore recognize the need to build the capacity of the citizen, and overhaul our political and social system in order to truly build a New Nigeria out of its shambles and unhealthy state. The new Nigeria of our dream is a Nation uniquely united in her diversities and governed on the ideals of social democracy as well as on the determination of all and sundry to build a united, resilient, and great country.

Our endemic challenges which mainly border on politics economy and social welfare will be addressed intelligently by harnessing the abundance of our human resources and natural wealth potentials to generate innovative solutions for taking our beloved Nation out of the woods.

We acknowledge the works of our heroes past; hence we will be inspired by their good examples which they have laid in terms of exemplary leadership to provide same through the fear of God, respect for the rule of law and due process, commitment to social justice and economic progress. We determined to accord the highest respect to the rights of Nigerian people and ensure their dignity and security based our social democratic ideals for generations to uphold pride.

We are also committed to giving Nigerian youths a place pride in governance in order to actualize the dream of founding fathers of the Party that the Nigerian youths and younger generation should be given adequate space participation in nation building. In this regard, apart from having a minimum of fifty percent representation of young persons in any NPM elected government, we will ensure that the concerns of our youths are mainstreamed into government policies and programs, and adequately empower them in orders to enthrone a new order in which our youths are no longer used as instruments for political violence, and dispensed with thereafter as inexperienced, inconsequential and immature to be entrusted with political power.

In pursuance of this goal, and while dealing with the identity crisis of the Nigerian citizen, we classify the challenges of Nigeria into three (3) cardinal areas:

• The politics

• The economy

• The social welfare and as a consequence of these, we resolve on this 1th day of January, 2016

I.​ To work together with likeminded comrades who are citizens of Nigeria on this political platform, to sensitize and guide them for the reformation of the polity; To redeem the Nigerian from identity crisis and enthrone him as the prime natural resource of the Republic.

II. ​To establish and institutionalize a true system of democratic governance by engendering a culture of self-denial, participatory follower-ship and accountability, as well as patriotic and sacrificial leadership.

III.​ To exemplify a responsive leadership style which takes adequate cognizance of the needs and aspirations of our people at all levels with a view to meeting them.

IV. ​To jealously secure our terrestrial space in order to boost security, ensure the welfare of the citizenry and boost the national economy.

V.​ To be youth friendly by empowering and engaging them politically and developing policies that secures and safeguards the future of the youth.

VI. ​To enhance economic growth by ensuring fair and equitable distribution of resources and opportunities across the country.

VII.​ To increase the participation of Nigerians in critical sectors of the economy.

VIII. ​To avail our party members the opportunity to contest and serve at Federal, State and loc; Governments by providing a free and fair politic; condition that is void of discrimination of all kinds, tribalism and class oppression by fin: enforcement of the strict code of conduct among; members of the party and political office holders and

IX.​ To uphold the sanctity of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while defending the ideals of social democracy.

In solemn declaration, we, for the purpose of fair and transparent organization, advancement of the ideals, ethics and objectives of our party, now enact the following constitution for administration.


New Progressive Movement (NPM) was born out of the need to appreciate Nigeria’s rich diversity as a multi-lingual and multi ethnic Nation, and effectively harness the potentials of all Nigerians, practically the latent endowments of the young people, for the urgent trash of building a strong united and prosperous country. Like a slave boy who has seen the light, and now desirous of freedom from the shackles of bondage, the Party offers our beloved Nation the liberty and freedom, which she has been dined of by decades of lost opportunities and self-inflicted injuries.

It is instructive that Nations are built on the enduring vision, unflinching service, deep wisdom, and priceless integrity of elders. Accordingly, the new progressive movement will cultivate the wisdom and advice of elders in addressing the plethora of challenges facing us as a Nation. It is also a truism that nations thrive, prosper and record systematic progress by harnessing the vibrancy, creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness of the young at heart.

Consequently, the New Progressive Movement is coming on set as a mass movement to effectively mobilize and energize all Nigerians, in particular the young people. In order to ensure that collectively, we embark on this selfless new journey of self-discovery, with a renewed sense of vigor, tenacity of purpose and integrity for the advancement of our common humanity.

The formation of New Progressive Movement by its founding fathers include the actualization of the vision of Nigeria’s founding fathers that a ‘Strong and one Nigeria is Possible’. Indeed, a new Nigeria is not only possible but also compelling. This is in view of the need to rescue our beloved Nation from its perpetual state of underdevelopment over the past years.

Accordingly, there is a renewed sense of urgency to put all hands on deck in order to effectively reposition Nigeria for true greatness through the instrumentality of the visionary leadership and the political platform being offered to our beloved Nation by New Progressive Movement to fulfill our destiny as a great Nation.

Of course, while all Nigerians will be effectively mobilized by the party to play their respective complementary and mutually-reinforcing roles in this new era of progress and national rebirth, the need to unlock the potentials of the youth for national transformation effort cannot be over-emphasized bearing in mind their role as catalysts, drivers, facilitators and enablers of change and transformation through service.

Therefore, the NEW PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT offers itself as a veritable platform for all Nigerians, especially the younger generation and concerned patriots who genuinely desire the best for our beloved nation, to actualize their dreams and fulfill their aspirations. The party commits itself to the institutionalization of the highest standard of inclusive and participatory democratic governance through the articulation and implementation of people-oriented policies and programs for equitable growth, shared prosperity and sustainable national development.

…”We deem it obligatory to build a glorious fu cure for Nigeria by harnessing our enormous potentials for the institutionalization of a new social and economic order which is anchored on purposeful leadership, commitment, compassion, inclusiveness, respect for our diversity and delivery of democratic dividends for the promotion of the welfare and well-being of the Nigerian people

For more information on how to be a member call: 08035851153 or www.npm.com.ng

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