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I have been inundated with calls seeking clarifications on rumours making the rounds of an imaginary division in the Mustapha family, which is nothing but a naked lie.

I must admit this is an emotional period for me and the entire Mustapha family, owing to the death of one of our respected wife, Hajia Ramata who was a mother figure, while yesterday also marked the 36th years remembrance of the departure of my dearly beloved mother, Hajia Adijat Mustapha, therefore, this isn't the best of times to discuss politics.

However, I had to rescind my decision of maintaining a graveyard silence in respect of the departed souls by ignoring the obvious falsehood of an imaginary division within the Mutapha family.

I must emphasize for the umpteenth time that the cordial blood relationship between all Mustaphas are as strong as ever, our umblical cord is water tight and can never be broken by politics or whatever.

It is only the imagination of mischief makers to ever think the different perception of governance in the State between siblings will lead to disharmony and discord in the Mustapha family.

On my alleged instruction to stepdown my gubernatorial ambition which was abinitio never personal, but a clarion call to come contribute towards rescuing the State from near abyss, I can't but marvel at the ingenuity of fifth columnist to always want to score own goal unwittingly.

For the records, I was never part of any such meeting, nor privy to any family meeting where such issues were discussed in recent times talkless of instructing me to jettison my gubernatorial ambition, knowing fully well the family is presently mourning one of its beloved wife.

I want to advice agents of disunity and disharmony to please respect the enviable name of the Mustapha family by detaching it from politics of falsehood and division.

I must also use this opportunity to pray for continued sound health for my Dad, the patriarch of the Mustapha family, Alh. Usman Mustapha the Wali of Ilorin and all other aged.


Chairman, SOBI FM

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