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Offa: Condolence Speech By Offa Youths Awakening Mission

Condolence speech delivered by TIJANI TAYO, who is the chief convener of OFFA YOUTHS AWAKENING MISSION, on the occasion of commemoration walk for THE DEADLY ARMED ROBBERY ATTACK that led to death of not less than 50 people including officers of Nigerian police force, staff member of banks and members of the community on Thursday, 5TH of April, 2018.

"The whole nation was shocked by the deadly rubbery attack in Offa on Thursday 5th of April, 2018. The attack left over 30 people dead and many others injured. We understand that the injured are currently undergoing treatments at various hospitals in the State. May almighty God grant them speedy recovery.

Words cannot express what members of Offa Community are feeling at this incredibly difficult time and our heartfelt sympathy and condolence is with all those who tragically lost loved ones or who have been affected in some way.

The attack is the deadliest in history of Kwara State. We feel certain step have to be taken to ensure this kind of thing never happens again.

Let me use this opportunity to show our upmost gratitude to the Federal, State and Local Government for their immediate response. This includes the provision of an Armored Vehicle and the presence of additional security personnel. We are sincerely grateful for the swift response.

Nevertheless, the entire youths of Offa will like to contribute to the demands of the community to ensure better security in the city.

Whilst the response of the government is appropriate and without taking anything away from their effort, we sincerely feel that an enquiry to what happened will be of major benefits to ensure better security in Offa. The enquiry will clarify what happened and why armed rubbers were able to operate within the city without any challenge for 75 minutes. The enquiry will also recommend security procedures to ensure that the incident never repeats itself again. The resulting publication will guide the security forces in any future occurrence.

The youths humbly call upon The Nigerian Police Force to provide an emergency mobile number for the public through which the citizen of Offa can reach them for voluntary intelligence gathering and useful information about any suspicious persons or activity in the City.

We also call upon the traditional leaders, community elders and all stakeholders in Offa to collaborate with the security agency on sensitizing the people of Offa on what to do and not to do during armed robbery attack. This will save lives in the event.

I am sure everyone here will agree with us that the banks play a major role in the development of any community. We will like to use this opportunity to ask the state government to do everything within its capacity to encourage the Banks to reopen their branches as soon as possible. To the Banks; we know that the safety of your staff is a priority for moral and smooth operation. We want you to know that Offa stand with you. We urge you to get involve in the decision making process to inform the government and security forces of your needs. I have no doubt that your request will be met as soon as possible to facilitate your prompt return to business. Purchase of a Helicopter for counter robbery and surveillance will be good motivator for the Banks to return. It will also serve as a deterrent to armed rubber everywhere.

Finally, we are grateful to visitors both political and non political who visited Offa to show their solidarity with us at this difficult time. We will also like to thank all those who contributed to make this happen. From our financial donors to every body that participated in this memorial walk. We salute you for your effort.

We pray for the diseased and their families. We pray for the injured and their families. We pray for Offa Town.

Thank you".

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