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PRESS RELEASE: Plot To Frame Up Kwara Rebirth Ambassadors Members Uncovered

We are aware of plans, in top gear to frame up prominent members of our high-flying Non-governmental Organisation, Kwara Rebirth Ambassadors on trump up charges of incitement.

Pencilled for arrest are Amb. Abdulrasheed Akogun, Amb. Ibrahim Sheriff, Amb. Adedayo Said Balogun, Amb. Buhari Olarewaju Ahmed and Amb. Bolaji Aladie.

It is pertinent to inform the whole world that Kwara Rebirth Ambassadors as a conglomeration of Kwara young professionals who share a vision of a tranquil and prosperous society where the son of a nobody will become somebody without knowing anybody, is a legal assemblage of young intellectuals who have selected to take the bull by the horn towards championing a society that works for all.

We are simply clamouring for social, economic and political Rebirth of the State. We neither have permanent friends nor foe, all we are concerned about is a better Kwara, one that works for all regardless of affiliation, tribe, religion, economic, educational status, and all other artificial fault lines.

We've religiously adhered to our mandate of sensitising Kwarans across the nooks and crannies of the State on the evil we've collectively brought upon ourselves through apathy to governance, community development and above all the leadership selection process.

In the last couple of weeks, we've embarked on an extensive tour of the state, which is aimed at interacting with local dwellers and also take stock of the level of infrastructural neglect and potentials in each of these communities. This tour has taken us to the 3 Senatorial districts and the discoveries well documented.

It is however saddening that other than see reason to join hands with us to collectively birth a state we all would be proud of, some anti-democratic elements of retrogression, underdevelopment, mal-administration, infrastructural decay and societal decadence have embarked on a thoughtless journey of Operation bring down Kwara Rebirth Ambassadors, we can't but assure them of there failure even at gestation of the unholy plot.

It'll be foolhardy of anybody no matter how highly placed to myopically think by taking out of circulation some of the prominent faces of the movement we'll be silenced. We can assure them this movement is more than any individual, the unwarranted but well coordinated attack on our interest and person would rather than deter us only make us more determined to see this journey to a logical conclusion.

Whoever feels slighted by some of our utterances, actions and inactions should take the path of sanity by approaching the court of law or the law enforcement agencies, as anything outside this will be fiercely resisted by all legal means.


Amb. Abdulrasheed Akogun 
(State Coordinator)

Amb. Ibrahim Sheriff
(Publicity Secretary) 

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