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KWARA 2019: Elections Oriented Cabinet Reshuffle And Appointment Dishing Will Not Work

we have been reliably informed about the ongoing lobbying by the political hatchers in Saraki political camp to get fixed in the ongoing dishing of elections oriented political appointments,
in preparation to use those political appointees, some of which are conventionally non-existant, would be technically used to mop up the state resources for 2019 elections.

Recall, in 2014, similar misguided and self-centered action was taken by Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, appointing empty headed and violence-hungry politicians without sources of income aside political manipulations as SAs, PAs and Commissioners, some are even without offices, just in a desperate bid to fix them, so they can be temporarily empowered to suit their reelection bids and not to serve the people. Those appointed are not even people oriented in the first place.

As a usual practice, the Senate President who is acting saint in Abuja and rejecting politically perceived enemies nomination continued doing damage to Kwara state to promote personal interest. He has just fixed up some of his sychophants as LAs, SLAs and ALAs, at all wards of his constituency, after 7years in office as a Senator. One continue to wonder why he doesn't feel the need for a better representation of Kwara Central people until he lost LG elections? A pointer to the fact that he  always prefer anti-masses figure is the appointment of a flagrant elections rigger, Uthman Ajidagba as Resident Electoral Commissioner, as compensation for his hatch job against Kwarans during the LG elections.

This time again, the vultures are gathering, the likes of some of the most deadly allies of Saraki are about to be appointed and re-appointed, even though there are few intelligent youths who can make meaningful contributions to the state and their failing camp, I'm pretty sure he would prefer the hatchers. The likes of Bibire Ajape and his co-travellers from Ibagun ward,  who were defeated  in the last LG elections despite their monumental rigging are also warming up for appointments and running around to be nominated, following their leader's request for 3 nominations per LG for political appointment as SAs, PAs etc.

This gives an indication that we will be having not less than 48 SAs and PAs, with no value whatsoever to add to the good people of Kwara state. Or what value does  a Sarah Adebayo has in her immediate community? What will a Bibire Ajape of this word bring to the table of people orientation? Funny enough, Bibire Ajape who is not even qualify for a political appointment in a sane clime is also routing for his stooge, one Abiola who is currently a SLA to their Oga to be appointed as Commissioner. If they can be this self-serving within themselves, tell us how they'll have people orientation.

Meanwhile, their Oga only trusted the confirmed devils and is hell bent on not doing things differently, the empowerment of crude thugs and the official thugs through appointments is a strong indication that they mean to go rough. But my advise for Saraki is to thread the honorable path, he should loss honorable should Kwara finally reject him by 2019 and stop his desperation.

Kwarans should, be more than ever be ready to stand for what we believe in, regardless of their evil plots. Thousands of Bibire Ajape will only make them lose Kwara, let's not be depressed by their  empowerment of thugs, Bibire, Sarat Adebayo and co were in Ibagun when the people of Ibagun spoke in a voice and today, they're liberated at their own level. We can also make this happen in Kwara as a whole.

Reject the empty heads who has no ideas how to make Kwara better and vote in the loaded ones, who love us.

Suleiman G. Adio

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