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2018 Easter: Lukman Mustapha Extols The Virtues Of Sacrifice And Steadfastness

I felicitate with our Christian brothers and sisters on the occasion of the 2018 Easter celebration. May the blessings that comes with the festivity never depart us.

This festive season comes with a great lesson of steadfastness and sacrifice, which is missing and much needed in our society.

Easter is an historical event that marks the death and resurrection of Christ. These events demonstrate the passion, sacrifice and steadfastness of Jesus for the just course he represents and for the sake of those who believed in him.

More than ever, at this critical time of our national existence, we must extol the virtues of Jesus and imbibe the art of steadfastness and making selfless sacrifices, in praying for Kwara state and Nigeria at large and doing whatever best we can to make it a better place for all.

Temptations, intimidations, treachery, betrayal and frustrations are major elements that characterizes the process of reinvention in any society from time long, Jesus encountered same with Judas Iscariot, his trusted disciple, yet it didn't kill his vision. We must be resolute and determined, like Jesus was, in our quest for a better Kwara and the world at large.

In our quest for a better society, we must be prepared to encounter treachery, betrayal and disappointments, we must however never contemplate quitting, as our resolve to birth a tranquil society must never be negotiable.

I enjoin us all to continue to pray for a peaceful, united and prosperous Kwara state and Nigeria. Once again, happy Easter celebration.

Mallam Lukman O. Mustapha
(Chairman, Sobi FM)

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