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KWARA 2019: Rasaq Lawal Dissociate Self From MM Ambition

Based on the post by National Pilot yesterday 22nd of February about MM visit to Dele Belgore in Lagos.

Today Rasaq Lawal take to his social media pages to debunk the news that he was part of MM entourage to Lagos to visit Dele Belgore on his guber ambition.

In his post he said;

"My attention has been drawn to the National Pilot' s report of Thursday, March 22,2018 on the above subject matter.

Firstly, I want to say and with a great emphasis that it's none of my business wether or not Hon. Mashood Mustapha  visited Mr Dele Belgore. However, I wish to clarify that I was not part of Hon. Mashood Mustapha's entourage to the house of Mr Dele Belgore. In fact, I was not even aware that any meeting took place between MM and Belgore either in  Belgore' house or any where.

I also want to emphasise here that I don't have anything to do with Belgore either as a private person or politician. Whenever there is the need for me to do consultations or solicit support for someone, I think I know some leaders who deserve my visit based on their antecedents or track record.

I'm using this medium to request the management of the National Pilot to retract the aspects of the story that concern my person. I also demand for an unreserved apology for the damage the unconfirmed story had done to my reputation. The story smacks off conspiracy as no effort was made to get my reaction before you rushed to the press".


Ustaz Razaq Lawal

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