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Is Baruten Local Govt Not Part Of Kwara? Kwara Must Change Asks

Baruten is a Local Government in Kwara State, but unfortunately, you can not go to Baruten from Kwara State because there is no road.
There is no road from Kwara State that leads to the local Govt, you have to travel out of Kwara to Oyo State before coming back to Baruten Local Government. If you don’t want to go through Oyo, then, you can as well travel to Benin Republic and come in through that axis. Although, Nigeria's border road from Benin Republic is also stinkingly terrible, it can still bring you in with so much distress.

This is why Kwara Must Change is asking, is Baruten Local Govt not part of Kwara? Are there no people living there? Is Kwara State government not responsible for those living in Baruten? If not, why is the local government completely neglected and abandoned?

It is so shameful that Kwara state has an irresponsible government that can out rightly abandon a whole local government.

Come to think of it, the governor, senator and other office holders often go to this local during election for campaigns.

When they go there, they go through another state and make all sorts of promises to the people, but after getting to the seat of power, they forget all their promises.

If government cannot build road to Baruten local government, how would they provide medical service and other infrastructural development?

It’s sad; people in this local government either go to Oyo for medication or travel to Benin republic.

We have reliably gathered that years after years, the road is usually in the budget, but it never gets executed.

Kwara Must Change is hereby calling on the Kwara State government to immediately commence the process of building Baruten Local Government road to enable the people feel wanted in their own state.

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