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We are now feeling the breeze of politics in Kwara state, but as Yoruba adage will say, "atanni do,  kii doni leemeji".

However, the present crop of politicians at the helm of affair in Kwara state have consistently raped us front and back using different political gimmicks, yet, we've always fell for their tricks. Are we gonna do the same this time? 2019 is not near, it is here!

It takes the grace of God to redeem the lost glory they've stripped Kwara of,   they've started inviting youth associations for undocumented dialogue to give them a fake impression of being recognized and rewarding them for coming with a ridiculous amount as low as #20,000 per youth association, did this solve your unemployment problem? They're ready for violence more than never before,  plans are already rife to dehumanize whoever stands to truncate or make possible the discontinuity of their disservice against Kwara and Kwarans, they've rewarded hoodlums with exotic vehicles which a Masters holder employee of Kwara state annual salary can't buy. Do we continue this way?

Their players are restless, running from pillar to polls, attending public function and faking internal wrangling and disloyality to sway Kwarans to believe their well-scripted drama, they're partyless, tribeless, unreligious but they are religiously hell bent on bulldozing whoever stands in the way of saving Kwara state from the political wilderness it found itself.

Just like a writer said, "the vultures are gathering", they're not only gathering in the APC, they're gathered in the PDP, they've targeted even nameless parties in their desperation to crumble Kwara. Sadly, money being the root of all evil is abundantly at their disposal, they don't care running down the state which is already bankrupt, just like they runned down two financial institutions to sustain the hegemony over a decade ago.

Their kinsmen and women are everywhere, rooting for tools (youths) who'll assist in executing their devilish plans. They're now regular attendees in churches and mosques, without practicing the preaching of Bible and Qur'an in the ways they've handled our state.

The people of the North are crying, those of thr South are lamenting and those in the Central are exclaiming bad governance, yet, the sky remain cloudy! Are we to trust an armed robbery gang-member who partook in looting our state dry and now posing a friend or own up to, as our destiny, remaining under the shackles and menacle of our hater we call leaders?

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