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ARTICLES: THE TALE OF HYPOCRITE - Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed (Crown)

The corns in a bottle get viewed with disdain by the hen. Those who are in the hallmark of success would never make a mistake for future event to against him.

Those who nurture for ambition will never play  karate with kids because posterity will judge.

The philosophy of life give chances for someone to decide he or her fate under deluded circumstances which will paraphrase the circumstantial evidence and true picture of life.

A maledict fellow will always prove himself in an event of intellectuality, though the palm kernel is truly small, but it is beyond what a knife can handle.

The love of money is a journey to poverty and to a miserable journey, putting forward before success is a shellack for those who put the interest of money above anything.

The dread mindset of hypocrite will trigger him to make love with his mother because a coward always die even before his death.

The tale of hypocrite is nothing more or less like a swindlers who love money than his future, he can bid for others future at the perils absent of others.

The tornado of life would never deprived us for facing the reality. However, those who fail to learn from the past and from people experience fall into the pit of failure.

Know the kind of people you will trade with, a house built wasn't build by one person. No all those who build the house for themselves live there, and not all those who pioneer a movement champion it or succeed from the success of the movement.

Those who sit under the verge of Saying "without us nothing can be done" end up as a beggar on the street of successful people.

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